I've connected a Nokia 3210 via COM1 to PC.
I'm using the software "logomanager" to change logos and upload ringtones.
To directly upload ringtones requires files in RTX format. eg:

AxelF:d=4,o=5,b=125:32p,8g,8p,16a#.,8p,16g,16p,16g,8c6,8g,8f,8g,8p,16d.6,8p,16g,16p,16g,8d#6,8d6,8a#,8g,8d6,8g6,16g,16f,16p,16f,8d,8a#,2g,p,SS,16f6,8d6,8c6,8a#,g,8a#.,16g,16p,16g,8 c6,8g,8f,g,8d.6,16g,16p,16g,8d#6,8d6,8a#,8g,8d6,8g6,16g,16f,16p,16f,8d,8a#,2g

(I pasted this tune from logomanager as it appears exactly)

Where can I download ringtones in the RTX format? - I have found lots of sites for RTTTL format but I can only input these manually through Nokia phone itself.
Is there an RTTTL to RTX converter?
Logomanager says RTX is backward compatible
with RTTTL.

Can anyone shed any light?? Thanks!

I use to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure.

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