No One Lives Forever: can't look left/right!?
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Thread: No One Lives Forever: can't look left/right!?

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    No One Lives Forever: can't look left/right!?

    For whatever reason, whether i have free mouse look on or as a keystroke, I cannot get to look either left or right - i can only look vertically. This clearly stops me turning around which puts me at a disadvantage!!!
    I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling and tried it with / without the patch (1.001) to no avail. I have Direct X 8.0 installed - perhaps it needs 7.0a since it hasn't been officially tested with 8.0??? Every other game i've got works fine so it not make any sense... what ya reckon?

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    Hmmm? No idea, Sorry.
    Except I'm using DX8 without any troubles like that.

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