from the post down below...just want to say thanks to the people who recommended playing FAKK2 after finishing Alice.

I was over at my friends house and burned a CD of FAKK2 last Wed.

sprained my ankle badly after playing squash later that afternoon, and have been chair-ridden ever I've had a whole 4 days of doing nothing but playing FAKK2

nice game...the start was a little slow, and short levels got interrupted too often by loading onto the next levels.

the middle of the game got interesting all the way to the end. nice!

the ending was awesome! the last level with Lord Tyler was really well thought off as were the 4 before that. It's 7:00am here now and I finally gave in and took a peek at a walkthrough i kept running out of ammo on Lord Tyler and couldn't figure out the pattern.

looking forward to FAKK3 if there is one...and of course...what we've all been waiting for.....DUKE NUKEM FOREVER....hurry the hell up with that!

Thanks again!

*huge variety of weapons
*graphics were nice
*no noticeable glitches (even without the 2.01 Patch)
*game play doesn't rely on FPS
*could have used auto-center
*could have been harder
*Julie's boobs were ridiculously large