MidTown Madness 2 City Map Download?
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Thread: MidTown Madness 2 City Map Download?

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    MidTown Madness 2 City Map Download?

    Can I download the city map for MidTown Madness 2? Where can I find it? I have one copy, and would like to try other cities other than the maps (london and LA... or WA) that come with the ame.

    If you know any site, appreciate if u can advise me. Thanx in advance

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    Yeah i agree, i would like someplace new as well. How about new cars, i have seen like 6 new cars, but none of them are any fun, except the Maclaren and the Regime. That GodKiller is just plain crazy!! impossible to drive too fast, got it to about 550 once, but crashed straight away.

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