Anyone elase got this game?

I think it is the ultimate test for any computer, I've never seen anything run so damn slowly in my life!

The minimum (and even recomended) specs don't look too daunting (circa PII266), but the only system I've seen it run playably on so far is my new Duron 800@950, adn even then I have to leave some of the graphics options turned off to prevent slowdowns.

Does anyone have a system which they can run this game on at maximum quality? if you do, then I salute you!

I complained to Hasbro and do you know what they suggested? The said "turn down your graphics accelerator functions" at that I imediatly lost all faith in them and have sworn not to buy another Microprose/Hasbro gaem again for a very long time. (btw I still tried it just in case they were right, and no, they weren't)

AHHH, I think my computer's got a Virus!

Oh no, that's Windows 98