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    RA2 Connect to Internet

    Is there a way to get Red Alert 2 to connect though a proxy server or not? I dont have a modem in my gaming PC, it is on my Win2000 server.

    Asus A7V 1.02
    AMD T-Bird [email protected]
    Diamond TNT2 Ultra
    SB Live!Value
    Hollywood PLus Decoder Card
    DLINK 10/100 NIC
    4 HD's Totaling 26 GB
    128 MB PC133 RAM CAS2.
    4 80mm Case Fans
    Antec SX1030 Case
    Asus A7V 1.02
    AMD T-Bird [email protected]
    Asus GeForce3 Ti200
    SB Live!Value
    3Com 10/100 NIC
    2 IBM HD's totaling 60 GB
    384 MB PC133 RAM CAS2.
    4 80mm Case Fans
    Antec Black SX1030 Case

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    I am using it with Internet Connection Sharing and Win ME. At first it didn't work, so I mailed Westwood, they gave me the solution, I had to use a couple of ports with a programme. Here's the reply I got :

    "Internet Connection Sharing is not supported while playing games online.
    Microsoft suggests disabling ICS if you are going to be playing online
    games. It is possible, however, to manually configure ICS to get the game
    to connect.

    If you have Internet Connection Sharing enabled, you will need to enable
    ports 1234 and 1140 on your host machine as well. ICS is a feature
    installed on some Windows 98 networks sharing a single computer's Internet
    connection across multiple machines. If this doesn't work...

    The following steps may not work on all machines, and should only be tried
    if you are "network-savvy". Also these steps are merely a suggestion to try
    and help get around ICS. We may be adding support for ICS in a future
    patch, still to be determined.

    Go to the following link and download the ICSconfig program:

    Start the ICSconfig and click on the GET button, then click the PORTS tab,
    and then click NEW MAP.

    Name: RA2

    then add the following ports:

    Port ID Port Translation Type
    0000 5400 NORMAL TCP
    0001 5400 NORMAL TCP
    0002 1234-1237 NORMAL UDP
    0003 1234-1237 NORMAL UDP
    0004 1234-1237 NORMAL TCP
    0005 1234-1237 NORMAL TCP
    0006 5400 NORMAL UDP
    0007 5400 NORMAL UDP
    0008 1140 NORMAL UDP
    0009 1140 NORMAL TCP
    0010 7000 NORMAL TCP
    0011 4005 NORMAL TCP
    0012 3840 NORMAL TCP
    0013 4808 NORMAL TCP
    0014 4810 NORMAL TCP

    -Customer Service
    Westwood Studios"

    If you have any problems you could try this, but I don't think it works in Win NT....

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