Okay, this is the second time I've posted to this forum with the same problem and It's now REALLY annoying me. I know UT isn't the most stable of games but I thought it would be more stable than this.

At random intervals, UT will lock up on me, not even allowing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Sometimes it will do this after a couple of minutes, other times it won't do it for ages. When It does lock up, the music keeps playing but the game sfx loop continuously. I have installed the Inoxx pack, the Bonus Pack and I'm using the 432 patch, but it still does it. I was wondering if there's a debugging console command that could help me or a command line param maybe ?!?!?

Here's my spec:

Elite P6BX-A+
Genuine Intel P2 350
Creative SoundBlaster Live Value
192Mb PC100
Maxtor Diamond Max 5400Rpm
4x4x36x IDE CDR-RW
RockWell Internal 56K V.90 ISA Modem

Windows 2000/98SE Dual Boot