Ready for Delta Force???
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Thread: Ready for Delta Force???

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    Ready for Delta Force???

    Any Delta Force fans out there??? I'm ready to go 10am Tuesday morning, have a half day at work and plan to spend the rest of the afternoon playing. I couldn't believe the demo!! Makes Delta Force 2 look like I was playing it on a Nintendo 16bit....

    5 more days

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    I'm there!


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    Yeah i can't wait for it here either, although they havent released a set date for it yet =( might have to go into town and have a look.
    hahaha. but seriously, it looks wicked as! I looked up that site, and it has a link to see pics and info about the actual oicw gun... Damn it looks cool.

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    My weapons have vanished from the screen :-C
    I have only the cross :-C
    and itīs lagging like hell once in a while :-C
    and I canīt set the speed of the mouse :-C

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    I am having the same problem as Dr. Mass. The game is not very smooth and will jump around at times.

    Duron [email protected]
    128mb SDRAM
    Geforce DDR

    Is it smooth on your pc's?

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