another mech3 question
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Thread: another mech3 question

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    another mech3 question

    How do you use your mouse to rotate the torso?
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    Tell me how to get to the next mission, I can't get any further than Op1, Mis 1. It won't save or move me to the next mission. I use the Sidwinder joystick so I,m sorry I can't help with your mouse.

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    You may have missed an objective. If you kill 'em all, and hit all the nav points you should be Ok. Missing intermediate nav points is probably the culprit. It is kind of artificial, but the games demands that you do things its way. You may find that if you run all the nav points in proper sequence you will flush out a new enemy you didn't see before.

    Good luck cadet.

    Free advice, and worth every penny.
    Free advice, and worth every penny.

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