Was running fine until UT froze on me after loading a multiplayer map. So I couldn't Ctrl+Alt+Delete... had to hit reset on my tower. Upon the reboot, Diskdoctor (Norton) found lost clusters and I told it to delete them (like I always do). After, it boots into WIN98SE and I try to start UT again. It pops up this error message:

General protection fault!

History: WWizardDialog::OnBack <- WWizardDialog::Advanced <- WDialog::OnInitDialog <-
WWizardDialog::OnInitDialog <- WStartupWizard::OnInitDialog <- WM_INITDIALOG <- WWindow::WndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <- WDialog: oModal <- ConfigUI <- InitEngine
I've tried a complete uninstall and reinstall and still no luck. Even starting in safe mode gives me this error. I've tried installing to a different path. I've tried removing any obvious registry entries... all with no luck.

Can anyone help?