Well, the problem I am having is kind of odd.
It isn't like most people, its one of those things you cant pinpoint.

What happens is that I try to run the game, it takes me a lot of retries or taking out the CD and putting it back in, to get the game to work.
It does run eventually, and flawlessly too. It just annoys me to take 5 minutes to get it to run.

I have a Compaq 5717, with an Elsa Erazor III and an SB live, and everyting else is what came with the compaq.

If anyone knows what might be causign it (besides the fact that I HATE COMPAQs) please post here.

Look me up on b.net(Which NEWER booted or lagged on me), name is Crazy-Demon or Crazy_demon on US West.

See ya!