At present i am unable to play online, but i want to get some decent armor and weapons, preferably uniques. I am halfway through nightmare with my barbarian (level 30 or so) and i get wasted by everything. Hell Cats and Apparitions are the worst cos my barbarian is soo slow compared. And does bugger all damage (55 - 105 or something).
I guess i wasted too much skill points in the jump attack and not in the passive skills like weapons skills and natural resistances and stuff. =(
Any hints on how to get some decent weapons. I heard gambling is the way to go. I usually buy something and it turns out crap. I spent 200000+ on some armour and all it had was fast hit recovery =(. Am about to get to Duriel and would like to be able to hit it and stop it killing me in one hit. At the moment if i come across anything with stone skin, then i might as well just run past it, no way i'd be able to kill it. probably take me half an hour if i did.
Any tips, hints would be cool.