D2: Who has the following items?
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Thread: D2: Who has the following items?

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    D2: Who has the following items?

    Stone of Jordan
    Skills of the Victor
    Eye of Eitlich

    What level were you and where did you find them? (eg. Stone--lvl 32, gambling in Fortress) There's lots that I missed so if you have some good stuff post it. I'm just wondering because I'm pretty high level and with a few exceptions, I haven't found sh!t.

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    What is goldskin? I have gold wrap (unique belt) on my level 32 pally which I think I gambled for in Act 2 nightmare. I've seen the other stuff you've mentioned but never actually owned them.
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    Just the Frosties. They're so awesome with 40% mana boost.

    Here're the uniques that I picked up by pure luck.

    -Goblin Toes (gambled)
    -Steel Guard
    -Nagel Ring
    -Wall of the eyeless
    -Frosties (gambled)
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    I have:
    2 stones of jordan
    7 pairs of frostburn(I've had 8 but someone stole one from me)
    1 wormskull
    1 goldskin
    1 tarnhelm with 46%
    1 terahunch
    1 magefist
    1 culwen's
    1 nightsmoke
    I'll trade some of them for +2 skill sorc rare ammy
    I didn't play the game the last two weaks so I'm still level 76

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    In gambling i've got
    1 stone of jordan
    1 nagel ring
    1 manald ring
    1 frostburn
    All this items gambled only in act4 hell

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    I have goldskin. Got it when my 28th level
    barbarian killed Diablo himself. AWESOME armor!

    Good luck finding it!

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