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Thread: Any advice on building a new gaming pc?

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    I can help you out with putting together a custom system or something. email me

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    a nice case for realatively little money is the inwin s500. it can be found in the staes for as little as $46. it also comes with a rebadged sparkle 250 watt psu. at least thats what i got

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    Hey I just upgraded recently myself. I went with the 3dfx voodoo 3 3000 and I don't have any complaints. However, I guess it really depends on the type of games you are going to play. As for the case how about this one.

    Its relatively inexpensive ($50 US with 230w PS or $100 with 300w PS), has lots of room for fans, good ventalation, and a removable motherboard tray (which btw you will really appreciate) and it looks cool too. Hey if your on a budget another way you can save a couple bucks is to use SyncMax memory its really cheap (unless of course you already have the hyundia PC133). 128 Mb PC 100 =$113US or 128 Mb Pc 133 = $118US, 256 Mb PC 133 = $198US or 256 PC 100 = $182US.

    However, I think I would go with 256Mb of RAM especially at these prices. Just my $.02.

    Duron [email protected] (unfortunately, see MoBo)
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    Good luck!

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