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    Hey just bought new ANNIHILATOR 2 and tryed installing it on a Gateway Performance 750. I have everything it requires but doesnt install and crashed when I try to start Windows. I have 256mb of memory and 750mhz PIII. I"m convinced that Gateways can't handle expansion!!!!!! Don't but a Gateway...I've had bad experiances with them!

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    Did you switch win98 to a generic pci vid card before removing your old card and delete your card out of Control Panel/System/Device Manager?
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    Does your mobo have an integrated video card? If it does you would need to disable it via jumpers on the mobo or through accessing the bios. Be sure to remove the former video cards drivers too, and as huge said, remove it in the System device manager.
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    What is your PSU rated at ?
    The GeForce 2 cards need quite a lot of power and most large PC manufacturer's use VERY poor Power Supply's (eg Compaq give a 145W PSU with a PIII 700).

    This low power could easilly cause system instability.

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    Well ya I disabled the other video card. And i get a blue screen sumtimes when i go to start it up. Any more suggestions?

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    What follows is all assuming you're using Windows 9* and is just one more thing to consider in addition to some other good suggestions:

    I've seen similar stuff happen when trying to upgrade video cards or drivers without properly removing existing drivers and software for the display adapter. The machine tries to allocate the same resources to both the actual and "phantom" adapter and chokes. This sometimes results in "Out of Synch" messages on your monitor upon the Windows load and sometimes in being unable to boot at all.

    I would start by booting into safemode and checking the Device manager in there. Make sure you do not have multiple entries for your video card and monitor. If you do, I would recommend deleting all entries and rebooting. If you want to be even more thorough and are familiar enough with driver names, go into the Windows/Inf directory while still in safe mode and delete existing drivers for both your old and new video card.

    Upon booting, you should then be prompted for your drivers and your monitor should use the default generic drivers (which you can then update from in your advanced display settings).

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    Originally posted by 3kgamer:
    Well ya I disabled the other video card. And i get a blue screen sumtimes when i go to start it up. Any more suggestions?
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