I have a Logitech Mouseman PS2 3-button mouse right now, but I'm looking to upgrade to a nice 4-button/mousewheel; I was looking primarily at Microsoft Intellimouse Optical and Explorer- the Explorer looks more ergonamic, but the intellimouse is $20 cheaper. The buttons are arrayed differently, too- which one would be better for gaming?? Will trying to reach the upper button on the explorer cramp my hand? What about the Razer boomslanger? I took this puppy for a test-drive at Best Buy and it was like liquid comfort... It didn't have 5 buttons, though, and that's what I really am looking for.

I most frequent the Quake III mod WFA, and I wanted to map grapple, crouch, jump, fire and alt-fire. Not sure what the mouse-wheel up-down will be for, since I have weapons set nice on the keyboard and don't want to overload my right hand