First-Person Action Experience Powered by the Half-Life Engine
Bellevue, WA (September 1, 2000) - Sierra Studios(tm) and Rewolf Software today announced Gunman Chronicles, a completely new stand-alone PC experience powered by Valve's Half-Life engine. The 3D-first person game is making its worldwide debut this weekend at the European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) in London, England. It is due to ship worldwide this fall.

As the first stand alone release built on the Half-Life engine Gunman Chronicles expands on all the amazing effects and frighteningly realistic artificial intelligence that made Half-Life the undisputed king of first-person action games.

In development by Rewolf Software, Gunman Chronicles is set in the western spiral of the galaxy, five years after a horrifying alien infestation. The adventure leads players to four unexplored planets with an amazing variety of habitats for enemies, features 40+ hours of gameplay, customizable weapons allowing for 32 variations of arsenal, original sound and music, and 30 new monsters to wage heart-stopping battle. In addition, Gunman Chronicles includes multiplayer modes for up to 32 players via LAN and Internet connections.

Founded in 1997, Rewolf Software is a digital entertainment group comprised of artists, designers, and programmers from around the world, who met online. Gunman Chronicles, Rewolf's debut title, is scheduled for worldwide release in Fall 2000.

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