What's the best F1 game now?
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Thread: What's the best F1 game now?

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    What's the best F1 game now?

    I'm going to my first F1 race in a couple of weeks (in Indianapolis) and I'd like to see just how well it's recreated. Any thoughts on the best game? Edios, Hasbro, and EA all have F1 games right now but I don't know which is good. Anyone?

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    GP3 from Hasbro is by far the best F1 game, trust me on this one.
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    Maybe we should ask Jacques Villeneuve.
    When he did really well in his first race at
    Spa in 1996, after moving to F1 from CART,
    Jacques said that he learned the circuit very well just playing F1 game on a PC...
    Lets see how well he will do at the Brickyard
    See you at the race!!!

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    The 2 best games are GP3 and F1 2000, but i think GP3 is the better game very nice graphics and physics.
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