Windows 2k and gaming (Diablo 2)
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Thread: Windows 2k and gaming (Diablo 2)

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    Windows 2k and gaming (Diablo 2)

    Ok, this thread is for anybody who is using win2k for gaming... I have tackled the probolem of getting my refresh rates set up right and handling V-Sync.. but for some reason, I still have issues.. Diablo 2. Plays OK on Win9x (slight freeze for a second once in a while, but playable...) but in Win2k, the choppiness is too much to bear.. I am running a P-iii 800 with a IDE ATA/66 raid card, with 4 7200 RPM drivers striping... I should have no issues with speed... I also run a GeForce2 GTS Video card... WIH 64 MB... I cannot figure out the deal with this, quake 3 runs good (not as good as win9x, but close..) Another, small but annoying issue is the choice between Fat32 and NTFS.. NTFS makes some games run faster (Ultima IX), but does nothing but mess up certain home appluications.. If anyone has any input, please post.. I want all of us to get the most from Win2k, without losing our games.

    Please help if you know how to fix the Diablo 2 probolem... BTW, I always do a Full install, so the CD-Drive is not an option.

    -Pika Pika
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    PIV 2.8 @3.4
    MSI 850E-Max
    4x120gb 7200rpm HDD 8meg cache(Raid 0)
    1x100gb 7200rpm HDD (USB 2.0)
    48/25/48A PlexWriter
    16x Pioneer DVD-Rom
    VisionTek GeForce 4 ti4600
    512mb PC1066 RD-Ram
    SoundBlaster Audigy
    21" Sony E500 monitor
    Windows XP Professional

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    you'll be better served in the gaming forum.

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