Mouselook is ON (definate necessity!)
Mouse1-IndexFinger Fire
Mouse3-MiddleFinger Jump/Fly
Mouse2-LeftFinger Crouch/Grapple/Alt-Fire, depending on game and/or class

For movement, I use the arrow keys (I know, I know, but I'm used to it
Arrow up/down, forward back
Arrow left/right, strafe left right

Insert- Secondary Weapon
Home- Primary Weapon
PgUp- Mellee weapon
Delete- Grenade 1/tertiary weapon
End- Grenade 2/alternate weapon
PgDn- Grenade 3/alternate weapon

RShift- jump
/- crouch
p - primary special
l - secondary special
k - tertiary special/special toggles
t- talk
y- team talk

numeric keypad- Comms

Then various keys for various stuff, but the above are my easy keys.