How do you have your keyboard and mouse buttons set up in games?
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Thread: How do you have your keyboard and mouse buttons set up in games?

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    How do you have your keyboard and mouse buttons set up in games?

    I am still a dinosaur who plays with a joystick and the keyboard but I have lately been considering switching to a mouse and keyboard, so my question is, how do you have your buttons set up? Or do you just leave the default settings?

    I realize there are many different ways to do it, I'm just trying to get some ideas going.

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    Aug 1999
    New York, NY
    It's a matter of personal preference; I still use the same basic config since the days of Doom. People think I have a bad/weird setup but it works for me.

    mb1 fire
    mb2 walk forward
    mousewheel cycle weapons

    x - strafe left
    c - strafe right
    (keys around those above bound to specific weapons)
    space jump
    alt duck
    shift use item

    Unfortunately now I have a flavor of CTS on my left hand so my pinky is numb (sometimes have problems hitting shift, a, z keys).
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    mb1 fire, mb3 (wheel) next weapon, F =forward, B=back, C= crouch, U=use, R=run, Z=slide left, X=slide right, Space Bar=jump etc etc, depends on game but mostly this setup .DD.
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    most games:

    A: step left
    D: step right
    S: strafe
    X: step back
    F: cycle weapon
    Q: activate item
    W: cycle items
    C: crouch
    space: jump
    right mouse: forward (run)
    left mouse: fire
    mouse: mouselook

    and/also for Unreal:

    middle mouse: alternate fire
    shift: walk
    all movement keys set for dodging
    G: feign death
    B: say
    P: suicide
    # pad keys set for admin bindings/summons

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    NY, USA
    My favorite config is as follows:

    MB1 = Fire
    MB2 = Next Weapon
    MB3 = Alt. Fire
    Up = Walk Forward
    Down = Walk Backwards
    Left = Strafe Left
    Right = Strafe Right
    Shift = Use Items
    Ctrl = Jump
    0 (Num Pad) = Crouch
    PageDown = Reload

    --The rest are usually left as defaults
    --It pretty cool because the games I play usually need all of the same type of settings so I try to follow above...
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    US of A
    E = Forward
    W = Back
    A = Strafe left
    F = Strafe Right
    SPACE = Jump
    Wheel = Next/Prev Weapon
    M1 = Fire
    M2 = Alt Fire
    M3 = Use Item
    C = Crouch

    Now, if only I can figure out how to get those thumb buttons to work in Quake3...
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    Auburn, ME 04210
    Forward: w
    Back: s
    Left: a
    Right: d

    MB1: Fire
    MB2: Alternate Fire (Hey, I'm playing CounterStrike!)

    Crouch: q
    Roger Wilco: CRTL

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    Forward : W
    Back : S
    Step Left : A
    Step Right : D
    Crouch : C
    Jump : Space
    Walk/Run : L Shift
    MB1 : Fire
    MB2 : Use
    MB3 : Alt Fire
    MWheel : Next/Prev Weapon
    Invert Mouse : On

    This is the only way i use the mouse/keyboard, and it's perfect for Q3!!

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    Aug 2000
    Wales, UK
    Forward : W
    Back : S
    Step Left : A
    Step Right : D
    Crouch : C
    Jump : Space
    Walk/Run : L Shift
    MB1 : Fire
    MB2 : Use
    MB3 : Alt Fire
    Invert Mouse : On
    =Very high frags

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    I notice alot of people use the Space Bar for jump, but i personally use my buttons like so:
    A-Left strafe
    D-Right strafe
    S-back pedal
    Space-Alt Fire
    MWheel-Cycle Weapons
    F-Use Item

    i find i get confused if i put both fire buttons too close so i have my fire buttons seperated by hand lol

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    Sep 1999
    Machias, Me, US
    L - next weapon
    ; - walk forward
    . - walk back
    , - left strafe
    / - right strafe
    r/shift - crouch
    ' - jump
    space - open/use
    mouse - up/down...left/right
    left mouse button - fire
    right mouse button - open/use
    middle mouse button - random motion (middle finger/mooning opponents/yelling obseneties)

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    I like this configuration for 1st person games (like q3a, etc), i get use to it since the days of wolf3d/doom

    CTRL - fire
    ALT - Strafe
    SPACE - Jump
    A - Look down
    Z - Look up (i like airplane style)
    End - Center Look
    X - C - Crouch
    Shift - Walk/Run
    Enter - Activate/Use
    Tab - Map/info

    I also like tomb raider configuration for those games in which you see the guy/girl.

    For car games, ALT gear up, CTRL gear down, SPACE handbreak.

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    If you are planing on changing to a mouse keyboard config, (and I recomend it) It may take a while to get used to but is the best way for FPS at least.

    I recommend a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer although pricey I wouldn't swap it for anything, no mouse mat required and smooooth!! Get one from a 30day no questions money back store so you can see what I mean just incase you don't like it,

    My general FPS key/ Mouse set-up:-

    Forward = Mouse 1
    Backward = L Alt
    left = Z
    Right = X
    Jump = space
    crouch = L Ctrl
    Primary fire = Mouse 2
    secondary fire = Mouse 3 (wheel button)
    weapon up and down = wheel up & down

    Others vary depending on the game interface.

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    Rostov-on-Don, Russia
    I prefer to use keys of Number Pad and operate them with left hand (in some games some buttons can differ however):

    Up: Forward
    Down: Backward
    End: Strafe left
    PgDn: Strafe right
    PgUp: Open/Use
    Del: Run/Walk
    /: Next weapon
    Home: Previous weapon
    *: Use item
    5: Draw weapon (if available)

    MB1: Fire
    MB2: Crouch
    MB3: Jump

    Good luck, Igor
    Good luck, Igor

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    IMHO this is the best way.

    W: foward
    S: back
    A: sidestep left
    D: sidestep right
    Q: lean left
    E: lean right
    R: reload
    F: use item
    X: drop item
    Shift: crouch
    Space: jump
    Mouse1: fire
    Mouse3: alt fire
    Mouse2: zoom
    Wheel up/down: change weapon/item etc.
    Invert mouse and mouse look.

    Everything is within reach, you can steer while crouching or jumping.
    Numbered keys arent too far away for weapon selection.

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