What would you recommend for specs of a decent games server. Now i don't want one that is top of the range, as money is an issue. I am considering making one up, then getting a decent hub and hosting network games nights in town here.
But i have no idea how grunty, or indeed not grunty a game server needs to be. I realise a lot of ram is needed and a decent network card. But what about the rest. Also, would i really need a server? Couldn't one of the players host the game? I'm pretty sure its possible, but would probably slow things down on that computer, possibly the network.
Games i'm thinking of are things like Diablo 2, UT, HL, Q3A (maybe), AOEx stuff like that. Possibly FS2000.
Any ideas would be appreciated, but i'd like to keep it realistic. i don't think i could afford to buy a Pentium x 1.4 gigahertz cpu and 600 megs of ram.

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