ATi Radeons,,,,live up to the hype?
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Thread: ATi Radeons,,,,live up to the hype?

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    ATi Radeons,,,,live up to the hype?

    GeForce or Radeon?

    getting new video card and was thinking about the Radeon 32MB DDR.....opinions please
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    Well I have heard the opinions of a few repectable publications and they seem to think that the Radeons have the most features of any card right now but the GeForce 2's have the best speed. That's about what I know concerning Radeons.
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    Go to the HardwareCentral frontpage, there you'll find an indepth and full featured review of the ATI Radeon.


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    My brother has owned a Geforce2 32MB a VooDoo5500 and now a Radeon 32Meg. He likes the Radeon the best of the bunch, although not by much. The main feature he likes about the Radeon is it's abit more promising for the future with new game designs and DX8 coming out.

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    I read Sander's article on the Radeon. It helped me decide to buy. I replaced my geForce2 with the Radeon and I couldn't be happier!

    Although it's "slower", graphics seem to look much better and, more importantly, it's 100% stable.

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