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Thread: I Need To Copy Games... Not For Piracy™

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    well i can see this is going to be fun. its mid afternoon and the sun is blazing the mods are holstering there colt 45's, who's got the sun behind there back.

    actually if the feds haven't closed it down by now then it must be a legitimate site.

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    CloneCD I know for a fact works. It will only burn at 2x if you don't register it.
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    I don't wanna sound like a *** but...Toolbox game makers put a hidden track that you cant see with any software and cannot be copied...so when you burn it you think that you have copied all the files but the hidden track wasn't copied...the game dosen't see the hidden track and dosen't wanna work... I have defeated this a few times.....most of the time CDRWIN can see and copy the hidden track........but not all the time... NERO also works good.....hope this helps

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    I'm going to try Nero... if it doesn't work then it doesn't matter... I'll just use the original CD's.
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    You have to burn it at a really slow speed, like 2x. That's if you're burning cd to cd.

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    Most burning software will not get around the anti-copy protection. Supposedly Clone cd does this (it was designed to), most cd burners dont support clone cd though, but lucky for you Plextor drives do! What the rest of us do is download a cracked .exe from *************.com. Then u just replace the exe with this one and it no loger checks for a cd at all. I pefer this in all cases because i no longer have to have the cd spinning while i play the game.

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    Toolbox, i use Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.02 too and it burns games for me ok...

    but did you use cd copier or you copied it like data cd...

    'cause if you use data cd option your games never will work like that.. you will need the game crack...

    and i use cd copier, i first create an image n' then copy to cd n' never had a problem

    and something strange..
    Easy CD Creator 4.02 for me copy games n' programs.. but no psx games

    and nero 5 copy psx games n' programs but no pc games

    EDITED: Please don't post game crack locations here. Please exchange this info by email in the future. Thanks.

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