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Thread: How many of you play games online ?

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    I used to play up to 12 hours a day online, but not any more


    Everquest: Ruins of the Kunark (love Enchanters and Wizards)
    Half-Life, TFC, Counterstrike
    Unreal Tournament
    Age of Kings: Conquerors


    Asheron's Call


    Baldur's Gate
    Alpha Centauri

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    Aug 2000
    If you are looking for a game to play online, you can't go wrong with Everquest. Be sure that you have time to burn, otherwise you are going to make time to burn. Everquest is addictive. The first day you just don't want to stop. The second day you can't think of anything else but what I'm going to buy with my first 1pp. The third day you are anxious to try your new spells on Orc Hill in Greater Faydark.

    I play as a High Elf Enchanter, 142/200 INT, 202/200 CHA. Enchanters are considered by newbies as a useless class because we primarily do crowd control and stuff, but on PvP servers we have the absolute best strats. One is to charm someone, levitate yourself, and then take a stroll over the ocean. You charmed pet will follow you and drown. Tragic. The other is to charm a griffon or hill giant and let him mash your enemy. Or simply entrance/mez your target and go sit in a corner meditating to restore mana while he is counting his toes.

    Everquest is balanced, well though team game. Soloing is not very practical for any class but druids and necros. That is why you need loads of time. If you can burn a few hours at a time, at least 4 hours, even only 1 or two days a week, get this game.

    Necros can solo because they can conjure a skeleton pet, have a marvelous array of Damage over time spells, and an especially nasty life tap. I have duelling necros. If they conjure a pet I charm that pet and hehe...

    Druids can solo because they kite, or slow target and make themselves faster.

    Wizards...they can do a quite a bit of blasting. quite a bit. To state it plainly, they NUKE with their magic. In addition they can teleport and alter planes.

    Rogues backstab and sneak, rangers track and fight, magicians summon elementals, warriors fight, paladins fight and nuke undead, clerics heal and nuke undead, shamans make potions...

    I'm probably boring you so if you want more info, just go to

    I love this game!



    Warrios, paladins, shadow knights, rangers, druids, clerics, necromancers, enchanters, magicians, wizards, shamans, rogues


    High Elfs, Wood Elfs, Gnomes, Dwarves, Halflings, Humans, Iksar, Dark Elves, Erudites, Barbarians, Half Elves, Ogres, Trolls

    Nothing like a Troll strolling through the forest insisting on speaking in Troll...

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