What is the dual video card thing, how does it work?????
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Thread: What is the dual video card thing, how does it work?????

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    What is the dual video card thing, how does it work?????

    wwell obviously it means to put two voodoo's in your system, right? But how does that work, with only ine monitor, how are you able to utilize both cards with only one monitor, and is it worth it. If so could you mix a voodoo 3 PCI and atnt2 ultra agp together???
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    I assume you mean Scan Line Interleave (SLI), which was the way to link two PCI Voodoo 2 cards together for better performance. The way it was done is that one card was installed as normal, then the second card installed and connected to the first via another cable outside the PC. The two cards would work together (one doing odd lines, the other even) and produce the finished product. This was only ever done with the Voodoo 2.

    In terms of actual released products, that's as far as it ever got. Metabyte were working on drivers that allowed a pair of their TNT2 cards to work together in SLI, but I never heard of it eventuating. The idea there was to have each card work on the top/bottom of the image, so that two PCI cards could share 50/50, but if you mixed AGP and PCI cards they'd split it 60/40 or 70/30, depending on load. Nice thought, but as I said I never heard of it being released.

    I've never heard of attempts to mix different chipset cards, and it would probably be kinda pointless - the chipsets involved have different features, so you'd have to work to the lowest common denominator, which isn't much.
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    That's the same 3dfx did with their new line of V5 cards execpt they put more than on chip on the card so u don't need to go and buy another one. Its all there on one card and I believe it has the same effect as the older V2's in sli the only diff. is they put the chips on one card.
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