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    Originally posted by Jollyroger50:
    So what will we have to do to keep this forum open ?

    Just be nice, that's all...


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    Housen Maratouk Guest
    Well it's not just that... As I have said in the past, I think the overwhelming majority of our members follow our rules and add great value to our forums with their contributions, though we certainly do have some exceptions to that "rule." So it's not just behavior we're examining here... it's feasibility and relevance.

    The first of the two, feasibility, refers to the fact that we have a Video Cards and Displays Forum, a Soundcards forum, and a Software forum, and the three together seem to me more than adequate for any serious discussion of hardware and software issues related to gaming. I think the presence of this forum created an ambiguity where none existed not only for regulars, but for new members (or even guests) who come in here trying to find information organized in a logical manner. Why not just make it more free and loose discussion about games, then, you might ask... well that brings us to relevance.

    The content site these forums are attached to is one with the tag line of "Overclocked Hardware Views, News, and Reviews," and deals primarily with hardware issues... and higher end hardware issues than many others, at that. It's not a gaming site. Yes, I know overclockers are often gamers; but gaming-specific issues are better covered by another of our sites, (specifically at their recently launched "Sharky Games" site), and I still think that gaming discussion should be taking place in their forums. But I agreed to give this forum a trial run and see what we thought in a couple of weeks, so here we are.

    Whether this forum stays or not, though, you can rest assured that you will have a place to discuss all sorts of topics ranging from hardware, to software, to handhelds, to internet stocks, to gaming... as we have forums that cover all these topics and more.

    Take care,


    Originally posted by Duckman:
    Just be nice, that's all...


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    Just what the doctor ordered

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    Thanks for letting us know about Sharky's gaming board. I had no idea it was even hatched!
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