Site is getting too boring !!!!
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Thread: Site is getting too boring !!!!

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    Site is getting too boring !!!!

    This forum is really starting to get boring, Im not going to be around that much anymore... This site just needs better look and forum to be upgraded, and baically just more members in general. I dont think im going to spend as much time on this forum any more until it gets new look and upgraded .. Well bye everyone (im off to anandtech ))

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    I"M pretty sure topic will be closed soon, so might as well get a say in this.

    As much as I like anandtech, I think there way too busy. I mean, you post a message, 5 minutes later, your message gets 3 replies, but ends up in the 5th page.

    oh well, but that's just me.......

    this site is pretty comftorable(now if only off-topic came back)
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    Sorry Bsr but this thread has nothing to do with General Hardware... shutting down!
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