SMC Barricade Broadband Router/Switch
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Thread: SMC Barricade Broadband Router/Switch

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    SMC Barricade Broadband Router/Switch

    Seeing the need for an integrated broadband sharing solution for personal users and small business, companies such as SMC, Netgear and Linksys have created the integrated broadband router and switch. How does SMC's offering, which also integrates a print server, stack up?

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    This product might be usefull for those who are planning to install new wires.

    It would have been more objective to compare this product with the Home Phoneline Adapters.

    These adapters allow you to use the existing phone lines in your house, and within minutes you can play games, share files, printers, and even Internet access simultaneously among all the computers in your home.

    The computer which directly connected to the cable modem, have to stay on though.

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    This is a kick a$$ router!
    it was cheap!
    98 bucks on
    when my check processed it was sold out.. so I ended up waiting for 3 weeks to get it but I am happy I got it!
    it is far faster than the computer I was useing before. witht he computer I was lucky to get 200K/s off the internet. now I can easily get 400-500!

    it makes it easy to make things visable from the internet and the latest firmware can be downloaded from the page!

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    If it comes from SMC Networks, Inc it's not worth the money.

    SMC, now SMSC, used to create quailty products, but since Accton's purchase of the name/logo the product quality and support has disappeared.

    When you can find out who really makes this product buy it from them - SMC Networks, Inc doesn't manafacture their own products, as the original SMC did. They just put their name on it. Then provide programing and support, after the fact, that is sub standard.

    Don't waste your money. Buy something else

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    After reading the Hardware Central review for the 4 port SMC broadband router/switch and reading the manual for this router on SMC's web page, there are a couple of items I'd like to bring up:

    1) Does the built in 4 port switch support Full Duplex? There is no mention of this feature so I must assume that Full Duplex mode is not supported.

    2) There appears to be no LED indicating a 10 or 100 Mbps connection for each of the LAN ports. At times this feature can be handy for tracking down connectivity problems (there is a link light but it does not indicate the speed of the link). If it turns out that the built in switch does indeed support Full Duplex, then an LED indicating Full Duplex would also be handy.

    3) There appears to be no built-in crossover switch... meaning that you will have to buy/make a special cat-5 crossover cable for hub-to-hub communication.

    I admit that these items are minor conveniences. However, the reason I bring this up is to merely point out what the review did not.... that is the features the SMC router does NOT have compared to its competitors. For example, the similar LinkSYS router has all the items I mentioned above, but as the review briefly states the LinkSys router does not have the printer port nor the RS232 port.

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    I have an SMC 7004BR router and from the 1st day I can say that I don't like it already. It slowdown my dsl(PPPoE)speed from 800 k/sec down to around 350 k/sec. I have tried every solutions from cable to registry tweak without any success. My p200mmx with a hub works better than this trash. And their tech support suck even more. What a disaster.

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    I have a strange problem with the SMC Barricade Broadband Router.
    When I want to log in to confic the router, I get the message: serverconnection can not be established. NOT the pass is wrong, but it seems to be that the pages are not there. Can anyone help me

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    MitchSchaft Guest
    the answer to your questions are all yes. It does support full duplex, there are LEDs to indicated 10 and 100, and yes to the 3rd one. I bought one 3 weeks ago, hooked it up along with roadrunner and it's flawless.
    If it comes from SMC Networks, Inc it's not worth the money
    Ok, smartguy. I proved you wrong. I bought it and it works perfectly for only $100. Get a clue.

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    My 2 Cents: I have accomplished a similar setup as a Linksys or SMC. The dude that said you must keep computer on is wrong, at least if you have a "DSL" connection. I am on IFITL (Fiber Optic in my case) and I have "NO" ADSL Modem. I only have a RJ45 jack on the wall. All I use is a regular cat5 6' and connect other end to my $9.95 realtek lan card. I get D/L speeds that vary from 500k to 1700k downloads 230 to 324 uploads according to online test. The dude that said you have to keep the computer on is wrong, at least with my scenario. Aparently he uses a driver in his computer that goes to his ADSL modem, I am assumming since I know nothing of adsl modems. On the other hand if the ADSL modem can work independantly he is wrong again. The printer is going to work as long as attached to the SMC's printer port. I am heading to COMP USA after this post to buy an SMC port4 dsl/lan/printer/modem gizmo mainly to increase security and save electrcity (I can turn off my server) I have accomplised almost the same thing as the $100 SMC thingy. I put 2 cheap $9.95 PCI lan cards in my server (Actually it is the slowest of all 5 of my computers) I used an ip address of for the enternal network. I could have assigned my second computer but I downloaded "KAGIC DHCP SERVER" free from so I have all my 4 other computers set to obtain ip address via DHCP SO that problem is solved. If I didn't already have ICS Microsofts FREE Internet Connection Sharing built in in 98SE, i.e lets say I has 98 pre SE or 95 then I would go to and download their free proxy server (only 256k) A lot of people do not know there is a FREE DHCP server built into ICS Internet Connection sharing (You can find it under "System Properties"/Network?ICS or open your bbrowser options/connections and you wlll see the option to enable it. In all the precedding all thats left is to go to and download the FREE firewall called ZONEALARM. Make sure after you install it you go to the advanced section and allow ip range 192.168.0 to but if you only have 50 to 10 computers you could set it at to If you do not feel like installing the DHCP server I discussed before just assign each of your other computers as I mentioned before BUT I finally decided to keep it simple. Aparently when a proxy server is used (unless cashing is enabled) it appears to me most computations is done within ram and not via the hard drive so the fact I have a slow *** server doesn't mean my other 4 computers run slow. My goal was to put the bare minimum, the operating system, a little free web server (I recommend (ALL FREE) BRS web server has http and ftp server built in, Xitami, Talking Carot, Sambar, or if you just want to serve web pages and keep it simple download the free server from it is so simple that all you do is drag the folder you want to share on the net to its share blank and bingo instant web server, So with operating system, basic web server a firewall and Microsoft ICS Internet connection sharing I felt fairly safe. I did not have any company or x rated files on my computer and I copied the entire setup to another drive in case it crashed or was hacked. NOTE: It is best to take advantage of NAT, I am not sure how it works but it seems a lot better than using a proxy server, With a proxy you have to open up each port you need and with some video stuff the ports varry so its hard to forsee every port you will need and keep in mind if you do not have at least 98SE SR2 you will be forced to use the free proxy server I mentioned. For example with ICS on your clinets (Must have winsock 2.0 minimum installed) all you have to do is open your IE4.0 or + and tools/options/connections/LAN/AUTOMATICALLY DETECT NETWORK SETTINGS (Doesn't matter if you set your lan card as obtain via DHCP or gave it and the browser will find the proxy server. DO NOT ENTER THE address of the proxy server unless your using other than ICS or it want work. The great thing I noticed about ICS was I could open any web program via any computer be it a realaudio broadcast, mp3 movie, ftp server mail server and I did not have to make any special configurations. Its as if my client computers thought they all had their own net connection. For instance I could open Outlook Express and it worked, If I was going through a NON-NAT Proxy server I would have either had to map the email addresses and ports on the server proxy or alter the web address like server: Call me crazy I have created essentially the same thing as the Linksys and SMC but I have a gut feeling I will have more security with the SMC, I know I will save electrcity since I can turn off the server and I like the fact the rs232 port and external modem will take over providing internet access if the dsl goes down. But if your broke like I was here is a summary of how you can create the same basic lan/router with software instead. I will show 2 examples 1) 98SE SR2 with ICS (PS ICS DHCP server can be turne on going to your win98 cd admin folder, ICS then right click DHCPON.INF and choose install on fron the drop down menu, while you have the cd in place go ahead and copy that folder over to your c drive in case you need to turn off the DHCP server dhcpoff.inf.
    OK: 98 without ICS or 95B (If you got 95a go to and update to winsock 2 or things just want work right or at all)
    1) find a old Pentium 100, even a 486 dx266 if using 95 and at least a gig hard drive.
    2) Install 2 lan cards Plug and Play
    3) install 95 or 98 pre SE
    4) Go to your network settings and on the lan card that hooked to your DSL under its name bla-bla-card tcp-ip setting choose optain IP address via DHCP on the 2nd lan cards bla-bla-tcp-ip settings hooked to you internal network set it as follows you do not need to change any other tabs and close it will probably ask you to restart.
    5) install your DSL software (Mine was enternet) make sure you set the correct lan to use, the one thats hooke up to the dsl modem or jack.
    6) Log into the internet and download the following:
    6 a) Zome Alarm Firewalll
    6 b) Analogx Proxy server network section there is a simple free web server there also
    6 c) * This part is not mandatory, go to and download any of the free web servers. I recommend BRS web server since it is easy and offers an ftp and http server.
    7) install your software, but put zonealarm firewall in first and enable
    8) install the analogx proxy server and run it, You will see a warming from the firewall ANALOGX PROXY is trying to access the internet or local system OK or NO, select OK and also select SAVE ANSWER! If your going to run a web server and ftp server go ahead and install them now, launch them again answer zone alarm YES and SAVE ANSWER.
    9) this next step depends on if you wna to hastle with a DHCP server, but you DO NOT NEED ONE if a) you go to all your client computers and set their only lan card up on the same subnet as the servers internal lan card i.e your server will be subnet 2nd computer a/k/a client computer under control panel networking adapters tcpip settings sub Notice the subnet stays the same for the other 3rd to 253rd computer just add one number i.e. 4th you get the idea.
    You will need to reboot all client computers. Now open up the internet explorer on all client computers and set as follows (Analogx was made simple you cant change it settings) I.E.4+ open TOOLS/OPTIONS/CONNECTIONS/LAN/PROXY enter
    http port 6588
    https port 6599
    ftp port 21
    socks port 1080
    dont worry about gopher, don't click obtain all from same ip. Save, you do not need to reboot. If your server is connected to the clients, i.e. you can see the proper computers in your network neighbborhood and your server is connected to the net, In your browser type the page should load and while your there go ahead and do a speed test. You will be suprised.
    By the way if you decided on using a DHCP download the free Magic DHCP server (I can't remember but go to search engine, type magik dhcp and it will take you to a download site. Install Magic DHCP, say yes and save to the zonealarm question Now instead of setting all number up for your clients you can go to their control panel and under network adapter tcpip choose connect via DHCP server and nothing else is needed in other tabs, reboot. The DHCP server on the server will assign addresses as needed, just make sure you have your DHCP server in startup menue or option to load in startup turned on. All should work well, remember to make a web page for your web server called index.htm and careful what folder you share. If you want to turn your computer into a web server with your own free instant domain name read the how to at bottom

    This section covers 98SE sr2 or Windows ME with ICS
    1) install I think you need at least a pentium 200 ( not sure)
    Next If you have 98SE or ME with ICS Internet connection sharing This is so much nicer than most know, ICS has its own free DHCP server. You install it after you install internet connection sharing during o/s install or after, go to add remove program, windows setup, communications and you will see option to install ICS.
    Once ICS is installed you need to go back to your cd rom and find d:\admin\ICS\DHCPON.INF you should right click it and choose install. Go ahead and copy the ICS folder to your c drive then you can turn on and off the DHCP server at will.
    1)Install Zonealarm as mentioned
    2) install a web server if you desire as mentioned
    Thats about it except in zone alarm there is a advanced section, make sure you go there you will see both your lan cards listed make sure you click the one that goes to your internal network (not the internet one) that way all clients can get in via your internal network but not via the web ( so we hope) Some how or another ICS will load and be on when you reboot the computer. As long as the DHCP server is working you can go to all your client computers and put in under network adapter tcpip "obtain ip address via DHCP and restart. Now as long as your server is connected to the net alsmost everything will work on your clinets as if they were connected to the net themselves only they are invisable to outsiders. The ICS gives security plus the firewall add even more security. There is one setting important to the web browser TOOLD/OPTIONS/CONNECTION/LAN/ choose automatically detect proxy server, do not enter numbers if your going to use ICS and DHCP on the server. If all else fails and you just cant get ICS working you can simply remove the ICS "add remove software/windows software" load the free analogx proxy server do the 486 directions above. But you will have to tell every program the ports and addreses of the server. From what I can tell ICS working on a cheap older computer with no personal files on it is a great way to have a proxy server with the free firewall zonelabs. Whats kind of funny is that you will notice all your clients web pages will load like lightning but the server being the slowest computer in tis scenario, will load web pages slow. Before I had win98se with ics I was using windows 2000 Professional AMD 850MHZ 30 gig drive and it ran dsl from 1100k to 1820k download and 224 to 287k uploads. I am not sure why I got such great results but I had a lot of private info on that system that I was worried a cracker could get, now I will have 2 firewalls, a port remapper (also free on and since I no longer need file sharing on the server I turned it off.I feel comfortable that They might be able to print on my printer but I can live with that.

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    Hi Folks I have purchased an SMC Barricade here in England UK. All working on the LAN side. However I seem to be having problems setting it up The WAN on Telewest's Broadband service "Blueyonder". Has anyone else achieved this in the UK?
    I have registered the MAC address with Telewest and tried all the options in Primary Setup that I can think of. I must have missed something....
    Telewest TSU say they do not support Firewalls. OK it's not part of their network. Bye CH

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    i need help here. i got SMC 7004BR but have aproblem wit it. ok i have to admit i'm a sad git, i'm using an acer 56kbps dial-up modem. i cant seem to get it to dial-up automatically when i start explorer. when is go into the setup->modem menu and click on the connect button, it'll dial n connect and i'll be able surf. and when i chose "automatically re-connect" it'll keep reconnecting after it disconnects. i need it to automatically connect to the internet when i start explorer or netscape. that it cant seem to do. any idea guys? smc seems to be ignoring me, so i really need help here!

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    If it comes from SMC Networks, Inc it's not worth the money
    Ok, smartguy. I proved you wrong. I bought it and it works perfectly for only $100. Get a clue.[/B][/QUOTE]

    I bought a SMC router in October last year. Worked fine so far. About a week I had to change desks, so I had to disconnect and re-connect everything. Now the router doesn't connect to any site except the SMC's interface site. Their service sucks. I am on cable modem and WindowsME system. Does anyone have any clue how to fix this?


    Seeth Seethram

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