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I'm really suprised that most of you are suggesting that I or even HWC is 'owned' by either Rambus or Intel. Allow me to fill you in on some of the work that has gone into writing this article. Most of the info you'll see posted came from Rambus, Intel, Samsung, Micron, VIA and AMD a whole slew of company datasheets and a compilation of other websites' data.

I've asked each and every one of these manufacturers to send me a package with some indepth technical background info, which I them compiled into the info you see posted. I think I've done a fair comparison by all means, all the drivers and benchmarks used were recommended to me by the manufacturers of the applicable chipset/motherboard/manufacturer, you can be sure that they make sure I use a driver/benchmark that has their product performing at best.

One of the things that really offends me with these kind of flames is the fact that you people tend to absorb all anti-Rambus/Intel articles as the word of God, but flame one that does shed a different light and dares to take a different point of view. Who's being objective here? I disclose all info, drivers used, benchmarks etc. I don't see any of that in those other 'articles', they just summarize their results without posting a single screenshot and you tell me you're buying that?

I don't own any Intel or Rambus stock, nor any stock for that matter. I don't get company kickbacks, or get whatever CPU + memory I want for personal pleasure for free. I think you should think twice before you start making these kind of claims.

I hold a masters degree in EE and a bachelors in ME, so you can be sure I'm able to tackle any technical issues, thus I might not do the benchmarks you'd like to see, I do however make sure they're objective and as well documented as possible, the same cannot be said about many others.

I'm all for constructive critisism, but come up with valid arguments and support them with a link, a quote, etc, don't just state that I did a bad job, as that is soo easy. To quote some of your own statements; 'If you want to play with the big boys in this arena, you better be more thorough and fair-handed than you have with this poor showing. Shame, really.'

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