hard_error - systemroot/system32/ntdll.dll PLZ HELP
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Thread: hard_error - systemroot/system32/ntdll.dll PLZ HELP

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    hard_error - systemroot/system32/ntdll.dll PLZ HELP

    When i try to install win2000 or win XP, a blue screen appears: it says something like this: hard_error - systemroot/system32/ntdll.dll
    when files have been copied to the disk and it reeboots and tries to install the systems.....

    Does anyone know this problem, and can anyone help me out with any solutions, that could help me getting rid of windows ****ing 98 !!????

    Please help.... i need it !

    im running an Abit KT7a Raid, Duron 650@890Mhz, 384 Mb pc133 Ram, ASUS GeForce 2 Mx400. 30 GB Ibm 7200 Harddisk

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    This is a Software question, not feedback or suggestions about Hardware Central, so I'm moving it to the Software forum ... thanks!

    Eric Grevstad
    Managing Editor, Hardware Central

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