Webwasher works wonders for HwC :-D
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Thread: Webwasher works wonders for HwC :-D

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    Webwasher works wonders for HwC :-D

    With Webwasher I find that this site is a lot less laggy. I still find it is slower to load pages here than other websites... So what is up? You're not using Celerons in your web server(s) are you??

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    2 x Samsung DDR SDRAM 256MB PC2700
    Seagate Barracuda IV 80GB 7200rpm ATA-100
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    ads here ^ here > and here v will be the cause of most normal delay.

    the rest of the lag i would put down to the site needing to go and get so much information [new posts, etc]

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    nice...its nice to reclaim the frames as well.

    ....what did someone say before..."irritation factor?"

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