Moved/Deleted Posts - Please, Just HwC Feedback Here!
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Thread: Moved/Deleted Posts - Please, Just HwC Feedback Here!

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    Moved/Deleted Posts - Please, Just HwC Feedback Here!


    I was slow to catch this yesterday but now I'm exercising my formidable administrative powers to move (or, for duplicates, delete) posts here that aren't actually Feedback/Suggestions about the content of the Hardware Central site and forums -- remember, you'll get more and faster answers to tech questions if you post them in the appropriate forum.

    So berk73, "Cable Internet Slow Through Hub" has moved to Networking (I deleted the duplicate you posted there) ... Wynner2, your "Weird PC Phenomenon" is already getting responses in Support and Video Cards, so I spiked the copy here ... the old thread about SCSI controllers is in Peripherals ... and ebishop, "Detecting Computer Hacking" has moved to Software.

    Thanks to all, and happy posting!

    Eric Grevstad
    Managing Editor, Hardware Central

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    I'm just a powerless user here, but I have observed how the admin/mods work here. Usually, rather than moving the post and deleting the one in the wrong forum, they move it and lock the original one. There's also a message left at the end of the locked post by the admin/mod. I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job, but the people who have their posts moved probably find it easier to find where their posts are. Just my suggestion .

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    This was posted awhile ago by someone and seems like a good idea:

    "why not move the FEEDBACK & SUGGESTIONS from the top of the list of forums to nearer the bottom" most of the inappropriate posts here are made by new members who usually post in the first forum they come to.If its a matter of being alphabetical ,rename it SUGGESTIONS & FEEDBACK

    Like I said isn't my idea ,but makes sense?

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    It makes sense, but remember that the "VirtualDr Comments" forum over at VDr is the second-last forum on the list and it still gets a similar number of posts that should end up elsewhere.
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