Admins, take a look at this: http://discussions.hardwarecentral.c...ML/004891.html

It appears someone has worked out how to harvest email addresses fairly efficiently. Mine is hidden in the profile for exactly this sort of reason, but I can see why people would prefer to show it - it would've been useful to me on a couple of occasions.

I dunno how feasible it is, but perhaps access to email addys could be restricted somewhat? Maybe a 3-step thing:
- Restrict viewing of email addresses to registered users.
- Limit how many email addresses can be viewed in a specific time period. I dunno what typical behaviour is, but a limit of 10 addresses per hour or so shouldn't affect too many people.
- Log the accesses so that if someone is constantly pushing that limit they can be asked to explain themselves, banned etc.

It's not trivial to implement, but it's not all that complex either. I just think that since one site has gone harvesting, there will soon be tens or hundreds following suit unless something is done.