Including benchmarks in this article is a definite improvement over your previous article on this issue. The last article, with the lack of benchmarks and only mathematical equations backing up your statements made me question the sites "expertise". However with the addition of benchmarks we see that BX is the more cost effective solution as compared to Rambus.
But if you had used 133 MHz bus speed on the BX, with PC133 ram (which many other benchmarking sites on the net have done) SDRAM systems outperform i820 and i840 on almost every benchmark. You compared a 2 year old BX system technology with brand ($$) new i820 and it still performed almost as well.
RAMBUS may offer definite improvements in the futur but right now I am REALLY angry at Intel (and anyone who supports RAMBUS) for trying to stuff this Expen$ive technological golden toilet in our face. So I am happy with my old BX system at home which after I do my own benchmarking actually kicks any RAMBUS' system butt.