I just purchased all new components to build an awesome system. This fact makes it even harder to isolate the faulty component.(first one i've built).

I've narrowed my problem down to either the motherboard GA-7DX or the CPU AMD Athlon XP +1800

Problem seems to be due to over heating. Because the system well freeze before windows finishes loading and second or third try it will not get a video signle at ALL. Let it sit for a 1/2hr. and it will repeat the same behavior. OH.. and the power switch will not control the motherboard any more once it seems to start acting up and power must be applied by the powersupply switch.

Last step of troubleshooting was spraying air coolant on the board while booting. NOW I get the error "Error initializing IOS restart the system"

My diagnosis, I've just received my first DOA motherboard. ANY OTHER IDEAS? (also all jumpers remained at default, all system boards except floppy, video, HDD were removed during T/S)