cyberhome 512 dvd player
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Thread: cyberhome 512 dvd player

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    cyberhome 512 dvd player

    can any 1 tell me how to remove the macro from my player so i can copy my dvd's to tape

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    Your "player" is a regular DVD player or a DVD-rom? If it is DVD-rom, then you can use a program like "TVTool" to remove the macro. If it is a regular DVD player, then I'm not sure how to remove the macro. Afterall, they use macro to prevent copying to VHS tapes.

    This is not the right forum for this question. Post it in the Video Cards and Displays forum for further assistance. This forum is for feedback about Hardware Central itself.

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    Yes, your own writable DVDs can be output to tape or the hard disk, but removing the macro to make VHS tapes of DVD movies is against this forum's policy prohibiting warez and copyright violations, so we tend to err on the side of caution around here ...


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