video problems on DELL
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Thread: video problems on DELL

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    video problems on DELL

    small question: I just bought DELL Dimention 8200 with CNET PRO 200WL. The problem is that when my network card is enabled and I'm in the network, my video performance goes down big way. (even simple screensaver hangs each 2 secs). i.e. the picture flows for 2 secs and then hangs for 1 sec. But when I disable network card everything looks fine. I ran bunch of tests and it showed that card is ok and there are no conflicts. (My video card is in AGP slot, I tryed to use diff card in PCI slot - same problem)
    Thank you a lot.

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    Sorry, this forum is for feedback and suggestions about Hardware Central itself -- I'm moving your questions to the General forum, where you're more likely to find expert help.


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