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    VB is a very capable BBS. I help run a site and our forum uses it with about 1300 members. Of course, this is not nearly the same scale as HWC but I have seen several forums that use it with memberships as large or larger than here.

    One thing we found really cool is that we previously used UltraBoard and the VB developers provided a script for us to convert all of our users and posts over to the VB format. This was immensely helpful.

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    I think it is VBulletin that Housen is pitching to the execs as a UBB replacement -- I couldn't remember the name at home this morning. Obviously, s4, you and I differ on how much loose talk or rough language is too much -- you can find "slightly OT" or friendly remarks mixed with the tech exchange in almost every forum here, and I remember H. and I explaining at length why Mark's thread was closed. But I'm glad you're still stopping by to help folks.

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