Bought this 128 pro sept 19. The wonder about it is "wonder what makes it work". Should have read the reviews here and elsewhere before I bought it. I am not going to even try to contact support and I WONDER why Hardware Central didn't look into the problems users have had with the card as part of their review. All you have to do to get a flavor is go to their website. After all, whether or not the card works and support are the most important things about a computer product. I can understand why techsupport is so bad; they are backed up with their customers' efforts to contact them to solve their problems. From what I have read since I discovered my problem, which was from the moment I first booted the computer after installing it, my problem seems to be the most common; The video capture just won't work. Their software freezes or just won't capture if it doesn't. Their website points to a meriad of causes, none of which apply, and work-arounds which reduce compatibility with other products like WebTV or don't apply in my case. The obvious problem is compatibility of there latest driver with different motherboards (they offer a special driver for MBs with VIA chipsets). Its a good thing I bought it from Best Buy who will give me a refund in the first 30 days, because thats where I am going this weekend.