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Thread: Now... POP UP ADS???

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    You know, I've seen some damn long descriptions of where people live, and I was just wondering how freakin' long of a location they actually allow you to write in here. Looks like it's quite a bit. Oh well, if the space is here I'll use it!!! :)

    Now... POP UP ADS???

    Ok, so the banners and huge bar down the right side should be enough. Do you guys really have to resort to porn site style popups? Looks like Webwasher will be turned back on just to visit this site again.

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    Ditto to the previous post. There's only one thing left to do..... Sell this site to Yahoo.

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    They could just remove all the forums and leave the ads up by themselves. Some people would keep coming back here just to look at the ads hoping something will change for the better. Let's be honest here. These ads are extremely annoying. OT is not coming back, and the help in the forums are not what they used to be. I read a few posts and go elsewhere.

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    If everyone here sent in a thousand dollars to help support the site I'm sure they get rid of the ads
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    POP-UP ads ? I'm not getting any POP-UP ads.Don't get me wrong ,I don't want them ,just wonderin' why its not affecting me?

    Netscape 6.1 / Norton Internet Security "Ad Blocking" ,but NIS has never stopped PU before.Guess I'll have to go check out some of sites that I "shouldn't" and see if it blocks pop-ups there too
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    They seem to appear on a random basis...

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    Alright, I understand that this is a organisation which wants profit. But why does that has to be so very very obvious made out in a forum? There are so many ads on the whole site, don't infect to forum too.

    And like s4 said; advice isn't much anymore. I looked at the CC&O forum, and most posts are about: "best cooler for..." "are my temps ok?" and all that stuff. People are asking the same questions over and over again.
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    Housen Maratouk Guest
    We're trying to track this down. No one in ad sales knows anything about a campaign that should have pop-ups... in fact, we don't sell pop-ups (Once in a blue moon, we'll run our own internal surveys, but those typically 1only last for a few hours).

    The next time any of you sees this, please take note of which three ads are showing on the page (top and bottom banners and right-rail tower) and email this info to



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    It is possible for the advertisers to place pop-up banner commands within their normal ad-banners. (It can also be done within html scripting in signatures, but I don't think html is allowed in sig's... so I rule that out.)

    I suggest we work togeather to get rid of the pop-up's...

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