Feedback for this site; part 2.
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Thread: Feedback for this site; part 2.

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    Feedback for this site; part 2.

    I agree with Eric that the thread deteriorated. It did and into something that I had not intended. However, I think that I made some valid points as did many other people in that thread. Instead of locking the thread, wouldn't a better approach have been to just delete the offending post or posts that caused it to be locked. I can't remember ever having a thread locked here that I started. Times change I guess.

    Frankly, I was hoping we could all be mature in discussing this. It didn't work out that way, so it more or less validated that Housen and Eric are right for keeping ot out which I never intended.

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    Good points S4. It should be linked to Feedback for this site so that the conversation can continue and the admins can continue to ignore what the members say.

    Admins disrespect a founder

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