Need advice on new motherboard
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Thread: Need advice on new motherboard

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    Need advice on new motherboard

    Right now I am looking at 2 boards.

    Gigabyte GA-7ZXR Athlon /Duron Motherboard

    Gigabyte GA-7ZX Athlon /Duron Motherboard

    I am looking for best value, as well as future upgradability options. Let me know your opinion of which one I should get! Keep in mind, the prices are in Canadian dollars. Also, if you know of any Canadian sites where I can order similar boards, please let me know!

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    If you're going to use DDR RAM, I recommend the Abit AG7. I don't know much about Socket A Gigabyte mobos, but I've heard they are good.

    However, this is in the wrong forum, it will probably be moved to the motherboards forum where you will get a better response.

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    Yes, this forum is for feedback/suggestions about Hardware Central, not about users' hardware, so this topic moves to the Motherboards forum ... thanks!

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