Advice on What Notebook I Should Buy?
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Thread: Advice on What Notebook I Should Buy?

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    Advice on What Notebook I Should Buy?

    Hi everyone!

    I am in the market to buy a new Notebook. My primary use for my laptop will be used for Internet, E-Mail, Word Processing, web cam and digital camera use, playing CD's and maintaining my freelance writing business (pretty small right now).

    I will be moving to the UK from Canada next month so I ideally I need a laptop that will be serviced overseas and is reliable in my travels.

    I have no use for a DVD player and I'm not sure on how good they are anyway as a part of a laptop..any advice?

    Lastly, here are some links to three Toshiba laptops I'm looking at:

    The first and second laptops runs for around $2000. The third laptop runs for close to $3000-is that worth it?

    Would you recommend them or what would you suggest any others and why?

    Please inform me asap.


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    Hi Olivia,

    This Feedback/Suggestions area is for f. & s. about Hardware Central itself, not general suggestions, so I'm closing this topic here and opening a fresh copy in the General forum -- some of the gang are strictly into desktops but I'm sure you'll get lots of savvy input on your laptop quest there!


    Eric Grevstad
    Managing Editor, Hardware Central

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