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    A preview button...

    I think a PREVIEW button BEFORE posting a message would be helpful...


    ICQ: 19077519
    Here is my Sys:
    Athon 900@900 A7V133
    1 128 Kingston Pc-133 1 64 Generic PC-133
    Win2k Sp2
    Sb live!
    Pc-Works 4 point Surround Fps 1000
    Riva TNT 1 =O(
    Dell 15": 1024*768 @ 85 Herts
    30 GB Maxtor ata/100 7200 RMP
    2 Nics
    Dxr3 Creative DVD 8x
    Hp 9300 CD-RW 10*4*32
    ICQ: 19077519
    Athlon 900@910 A7V133 - 512 Crucial Cas2 - WinXP
    Sb live! 4 point Surround Fps 1000
    Gforce 2 Ultra Viewsonic 17"
    30GB WD Ata/100 7200RMP - Dxr3 DVD 8x - Lite-on 16x

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    Preview and a spell checker...... not to mention a auto sumary?

    They all fall the first time! "The Matrix" The Movie or was it?
    They all fall the first time! "The Matrix" The Movie, or was it?

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    I saw a newer version of UBB version 6 or more that can do that kind of feature. You can post your picture and it will show up under your nick. Looks Cool but it will slow down the dial up users

    Because Windows was not properly shutdown, all of your hard drive have already got bad sectors on it

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