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    new forum


    This thread reminded me of an old idea I had of starting a forum designed soley for FAQs.

    Basically, only mods/admins could start the threads, but anyone could reply to them. I.e. If a mod starts the question, Abit KT7 or Asus K7V people could discuss the benefits behind both.

    It would require some degree of effort on behalf of the mods, but would make it much easier for "newbies" to find the answers to the questions that so many of them ask.

    The theory behind it is that mods scout about for topics which seem to be asked over and over again, and post a topic starter- only mods can do this, and then anyone is free to discuss and reach logical answers.

    Just a Thought,


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    sounds like a good idea to me,


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    The other idea given by Crane was also very good. An area for members to vote for the best hardware in different categories according to them. Like best highend cpu, best value cpu... etc... then, the newbies could just go where they want, ans see what the "elders" have to say on the subject.

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