My first post here was after reading about hardware and such for months. At the time, the Intel/AMD war was as hot as ever, and several of the Mods and members were into the flaming pretty deep. I finally could not stand it, and decided to post with my opinion, simply pointing out that what was going on was not attractive to propspective members; hence the name "outside looking in." I never planned on sticking around, but found the friendly family atmosphere relaxing and decided to give it a chance.

Since my first post was to complain about a need for a cleanup, it seems ironic that my last post is to complain about just such a cleanup. The removal of the OT forum marks the end of my routine visiting of HWC. I'm sure I'll drop by to read Hoyle's, Todd a's, and OneEng's predictions about the market and technology trends from time to time, but that's about it. Unfortunately, the cleanup killed the family atmosphere that I found relaxing. Now this place is a dead, dry, unorganized gathering of opinions and facts, sort of like a horribly written and incomplete techno enclyclopedia... who would ever consult one unless they had no other place to turn? That's exactly how I feel now. Where as before, when I would check here first because I could find so many interesting things other that what I needed, I will now check here only after I have exhausted every other possible source of information. This place is painful to visit. Good job guys, and I hope your banner sponsors let you know just how good of a job you did.

Those who fear the facts will forever try to discredit the fact finders. - Daniel C. Dennett


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