How to read uncommon CDR?
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Thread: How to read uncommon CDR?

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    How to read uncommon CDR?

    I just bought game Baldur's Gate II (4 CD) from my friend but I can't install in my computer. I thought that CD broken so I try to install in his and other computer but it work.
    Anybody can help? How to fix it?
    FYI, my Toshiba CDROM not broken and I already clean it, but just can't read those Baldur's Gate II CD.
    thank you.

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    Are they Cd-rS or Cd-ROMS? Cd-r is CD RECORDABLE, CD- ROM i guess is what you meant? Try another drive, if it does not read anyof the cds then i think the problem may be in the drive, think this topic is gonna be moved to the gaming or some other Forum anyways..totally wsy off Forum wise


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    hee hee, yeah way off, it will be moved soon

    Anyway, have you tried cleaning the disk? Can it read any of them?

    Are you talking about a normal CDROM disk (silver) or a copied one (green or blue,etc.)?

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    Yes, over to Gaming -- better odds of a helpful answer there! Thanks ...

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