The overclocking forum is a seperate community from the rest of Hardware Central.
Its regulars treat it as if it was a compleate
hardware site within itself including
off topic.. support.. you name it. When looking for overclocking help this is both very distratcive and annoying.

A short history behind what caused this for those of you that dont know...

This forum went unmoderated for several months when it was made.. a small community was formed and thats how it stayed.

This is a proffesional hardware site and I would like to see it treated as such...

when looking for overclocking help I should not have to dig through threads such as
"Who is the hottest babe" ect, ect, ect, ect.. (many times over)

If the members there want to be a part of HWC they should keep off topic posts in the off topic forum.

There is no reason one forum should have special privlages while everyone else must play by the rules.
If this is the case perhaps I should SPAM the CPU forum with messages about who really is the hottest babe?

The last couple of times I needed overclocking help I got very little reply because there was far to many COOL posts to respond to.. so who cares if I need help overclocking a Coppermine (like no body there knows how)

This suggestion is for the overall good of HWC... I can imagine many folks looking for overclocking advice have looked to other sites because the one here has turned into an AOL chat room.

My 2 dollars worth