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    Web Program

    i am currently attempting to create my first websight...and i really like how hardware central's pages have the abitlity to adjust to fill 100% of the browser's screen no matter what the dpi is set at
    i have golive and frontpage and they do not offer that option

    can somneone tell me what program was used to create hardware central's pages?

    i appreciate your help

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    Hardware Central is fairly advanced and as a result, the HTML code was probably created from the ground up. Meaning, there is a chance it didn't use any official 'Web Page Development' software at all.

    The images were no doubt created using some sort of graphics application, but as Hardware Central uses a lot of forms, and even has a search engine, chances are the people who created it, programmed it at the code level (be it Java/Script, DirectX, HTML, PHP and what ever other programming catagories might be involved).

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